Subject: Re: Kats List Dead???
From: (Brother Buford)
Date: 12/10/1996 11:42 PM

Is this list dead????
Matthew Milam

No, I don't think so...

It's right around holiday time, so probably most people are busy doing
holiday stuff, are out of town, or are being consumed by final exams (like
myself).  It'll probably pick up after Christmas is over.

A note to Kat IRC'ers and visitors to my FTP site... my server will be down
from December 17 to mid-January, as I will be at home.  Last time I was away
there was a power outage (and the computer rebooted and froze), and I don't
want to leave the computer on for three weeks straight.

Santa Klaws says "Merry Katsmas!"

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