Subject: Kat Tales
From: (Dana Uehara)
Date: 12/10/1996 11:54 PM

Looks like a couple of rumors have been circulating about the SWAT Kats.
I'll neither support nor discredit any of the rumors, but I *will* give my
opinion on some of them.  These are *only* my opinions, and should be taken
as such.

First, new Kats episodes (3rd season).  If new episodes are slated to be
aired sometime next year, then they should already be in production (or at
least should have the finishing touches being done on them).  That's not to
say that this isn't happening, but I think it's a safe bet that this is
just speculation (and perhaps wishful thinking?) right now.

Second, Hanna-Barbera going under.  This seems unlikely, but *not*
impossible; however, I *have* heard (from multiple sources) that H-B and
Time-Warner have merged.  It *does* bring up the possibility of some H-B
merchandise appearing in the Warner Bros. stores, but don't rush out to
your local WB store just yet, as this will take time.

Bottom line?  Until we get more information, preferably from other sources,
these are just rumors, and should be taken as such.