Subject: I'm getting frustrated!!!
From: (August Yang)
Date: 12/8/1996 5:26 PM

Razor610 hath stated:
I'm writing this piece of fanfic and I have a slight problem that's
driving me absolutely insane!!!! In this story, Razor gets a
girlfriend. The only thing is...WHO???!!! Should it be Callie?
Felina? Ann? Abi? Or should I just make up a whole new character??
Help me please!!! Before I'm put in with Ringtail!

Ouch.  Sacred ground here folx.  No matter who you put Razor together
with, someone's gonna have problems with the pairing.  My suggestion
would be, who would Razor have the relationship with advance the plot
the most?  If the romance is there just because it looks pretty, you
should probably ignore it.  If, however, he starts going out with
someone, but during a date someone else whom he still has unresolved
feeling for gets captured by Dark Kat, then it's very important to
the plot.

In any case, I can't see either of the guys being interested in anyone
other than Callie or Lt. Feral.  They really don't seem to know the
other female Kats as well.

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