Subject: Convention
Date: 11/30/1996 7:00 PM

On 11/18/96, DJ wrote:

TOP TEN THINGS TO DO AT A SWATKAT CONVENTION (if we had one--wouldn't it be

 Well, I got around to thinking yesterday (take note of this, thinking is
something I do very rarely. Just ask my biology teacher! ) that maybe we
could find out a date and time when everyone on the mailing list is free and
set up a chat room. We could talk about different ways to destroy tED tURNER,
and about fanfic writers who are totally demented and have way too much time
on their hands (Yes, Ryan- I mean you!)
So, tell me what you think of my idea!

P.S. After I send this message, I won't be allowed on on-line until dec. 9-
just so you know.