Subject: Oh-Oh
From: (Pablo Romero)
Date: 11/25/1996 12:47 PM

[ This message has some relevance to the kats list, although I'm 
  admittedly pushing the limits as to what's on- and off-topic with
  this one.  But since I'm the moderator, I'm allowed to be a 
  hypocrite.  :-P  -- Mod. ]

My President, the Pride of my country (*smirk* *cough* *choke*) (you know
him maybe, the Clown president of Ecuador) has--in his madness-- elevated
the cost of Local phone calls to 60 times its cost! so that means i will not
answer email that frequently, i will only log on for one hour on Wednesdays,
Fridays and Sundays, I'm sorry, but i can't log on more than that, unless i
want a Phone Bill of over 8 MILLION Sucres each month :/. I don't know  if
this law will stay around, because the people in my country don't dare to
stand against this Guy, so until further notice, i'm Limited....

So Before i start logging only on those days:

-to The guys at KATS: any new Fanfic that you come up with, Mail it to me,
please :), i will check my mail on those three days.

take care all..see you on Wednesday

Pablo Romero
*Keith* [TigerMUCK] [Furtoonia]
*Fionn* [FurryMUCK]