Subject: Re: Greatest News In The World
From: (DJ Clawson)
Date: 11/24/1996 5:42 PM

friend of mine heard form a very reliable source 

   a friend of a third cousin's friend who met a friend in a bar who's
pretty sure his aunt knows this guy who...

that on March 17, 1997- The SwatKats are making a comeback! They might have a
third season after all! There are only a few catches:

    Cool. Maybe, anyway.

1) Cartoon Network might not show it- but it's too early to tell

    Then *who would*? TBS (I have no problem with that--don't get TCN)

2) They night not be able to get a hold of Barry Gordon and Charlie Adler 

    I don't think anyone up there has that kind of idiocy to try and run the
series without the two main leads (one of whom does some 5 voices on the
show alone). It's not like Adler and Gordon are doing anything major right
now anyway--isn't most of their current careers based on voice-overs?

3) tED tURNER might change his mind at the last minute

    Well, he's been known to do *other* stupid things.

I'll try to keep the news up to date on the probable third season.

    I'll check with *my* sources, but that's only if I get any sort of
leginement notice from someone lower before I go to the top.

Dr. Jake Clawson
President of the SWAT Kat Club on Prodigy