Subject: Kat-ministrivia
From: (Dana Uehara)
Date: 11/24/1996 1:14 PM

Just a brief reminder to the list that everyone on both the list and
digest should expect a brief period of listmail slowdown around
Thanksgiving, as I'll be out of town during that time.

I'll do my best to check and send mail over the weekend, so listmail
doesn't pile up too much during that time.

One note of caution:  I've noticed a few posts that have been sent to
the original poster and cc'd to the list.  However, not all posts that
are sent as such will actually be posted, so you shouldn't automatically
assume that just because a reponse is cc'd to the list that it'll
actually be posted.

I'm also editing .sig files longer than four lines.  If you have any
questions about this, please let me know in email; don't post to the list.

Now back to your regularly scheduled listmail...