Subject: Greatest News In The World
Date: 11/24/1996 10:07 AM

Turmoil, Feral, even themselves. But a while ago They seem to have hit an 
obstacle they couldn't overcome. But, us SwatKat fans didn't lose hope. Now,
friend of mine heard form a very reliable source (don't ask me who. He won't
tell me)
that on March 17, 1997- The SwatKats are making a comeback! They might have a
third season after all! There are only a few catches:
1) Cartoon Network might not show it- but it's too early to tell
2) They night not be able to get a hold of Barry Gordon and Charlie Adler 
3) tED tURNER might change his mind at the last minute

 I'll try to keep the news up to date on the probable third season.

Well, we're back in the car again. -Timmy Murphy
Well, at least we're out of the tree. -Alan Grant