Subject: #swatkats on Dalnet IRC
From: (Michael J. Rider)
Date: 11/23/1996 7:43 PM

In a message dated 4:04 PM 11/23/96, H@rd Drive wrote:

I was surprised to find out that hardly anyone goes to #swatkats.  Why don't
all of us?  If you don't have an IRC application, here are URLs where you
can pick up a copy of mIRC and the FAQ that goes with it:

        Gee, I sense something missing here.  Several things actually.
First, he seems to have forgotten to remember that #swatkats is on Dalnet.
Second, there is no mention of clients for any OS other than Windoze!

        #swatkats is a registered channel on Dalnet, which is one of many
IRC networks.  If you join the channel on other networks there will likely
be even fewer people there.  :/  Pretty much any good client (I know Ircle
does, don't know about that mIRC thing :) will have the addresses of the
major Dalnet servers already in it.
        Okay Mac users.  The best client I've seen for Mac is Ircle.  You
can find it at the Ircle home page (below).  There are links there to _all
kinds_ of IRC info.  As to other clients you might find for Mac: Homer
sucks; MacIRC is good, but still a little unstable; NSChat _really_ sucks;
Quarterdeck Global Chat is very limited in what it can do.
        There are also clients for other platforms, ircII, VMSIRC, amIRC,
etc.  I don't know much about them.  :)

Ircle home page:             <- US mirror site

Dalnet home page:

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