Subject: Re: Kat stuff, various
From: (Michael J. Rider)
Date: 11/22/1996 8:54 PM

In a message dated 5:57 PM 11/22/96, Dana Uehara wrote:

On Kat breeds -- Doc Konway writes:
Maine Coon.  Definitely.

Maine Coon?  Perhaps, but I always thought those were longhaired cats,
which tend to have rather bushy tails.  Feral's tail is obviously not
bushy, and if he's a longhaired kat he must have to go to the barber
quite a bit.

        Well yeah!  Remember the shaving comment in 'Dark Side of the Swat
Kats?'  Annnnd he has that flat topped cut and those funky looking
whiskers.  You think they grew that way?  :D

The pun?  Jake --> Razor --> "abrasive".  No further comment.

        O_O  Ack!  I ain't even goin there!  <BG>

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