Subject: Kat stuff, various
From: (Dana Uehara)
Date: 11/22/1996 5:57 PM

Looks like was down from yesterday afternoon through today,
so quite a bit of listmail didn't make it through until just now.  I
sent several posts through to the list, but if I missed yours 
inadvertently, let me know.

On furries/anthropomorphics:  I won't dwell on this too long, as this
subject will end up going off-topic fairly quickly.  But for the 
record, I play Razor on FurryMUCK (and I've been told I even *look*
like him, too!).

On Kat breeds -- Doc Konway writes:
Maine Coon.  Definitely.

Maine Coon?  Perhaps, but I always thought those were longhaired cats,
which tend to have rather bushy tails.  Feral's tail is obviously not
bushy, and if he's a longhaired kat he must have to go to the barber
quite a bit.

Jake strikes me as being more the skinny mutt-type alley kat.

And you might be right.  Who knows -- perhaps Jake *did* grow up in
an alley-type environment, tho he doesn't seem as abrasive (no pun
intended) as Chance.

The pun?  Jake --> Razor --> "abrasive".  No further comment.

Someone else (don't remember who, unfortunately) mentioned something
about Tiger Conklin (president of Megakat Metallurgical in "Caverns
of Horror") and how he looked like a tiger -- which would easily
explain why/how he got his name.

(DYN that Conklin was voiced by Ed Gilbert, who voiced Tale Spin's