Subject: Re: You'd better sit down for this!
From: "Julian Ho" <>
Date: 11/20/1996 2:26 AM

Dana Uehara wrote: writes:
With their tails, How do the kats sit down?  I have a cat, and I
that scrunching up their tail like that would be very uncomfortable.

This was something I brought up on the list some time ago.  How they
manage to sit in the Turbokat without getting tail cramps is beyond me,
although Doc Konway *did* suggest once that it's likely each kat curls
his tail around one leg, much as a house cat does when he's sitting.

Either that or the seats have holes for their tails to stick through like
the pants the SWAT Kats are wearing.
I also noticed that the seating is quite spacious in one of the episodes. I
could have sworn I saw Razor sitting at his controls as though he was on a
reclining chair. His legs are actually slightly above the rim of the
cockpit like so:

	 _O  *
	   /  *
	/\/  * 

Could be my overactive imagination though.

Later !

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