Subject: Re: List slowdown alert!
From: (Dana Uehara)
Date: 11/20/1996 6:10 PM

I'll be out of town from November 27 (day before Thanksgiving) through
December 1.  Expect the list to slow down around this time, although I
*do* expect to have internet/email access, so the list *shouldn't* come
to a complete stop.

Unless I manage to check and send listmail received on the 27th or
December 1 (my travel dates), no digests will be generated on those
days either.

I'll remind the list of the upcoming slowdown the day before I leave.

I'm violating my own listmail submission guidelines and quoting an
entire message for a *reason* -- namely, that even moderators can
make mistakes, too!

I sent the above message, but in my haste to send it I didn't include
*my* email address (*although* anything sent to ""
*does* get sent to me anyway).

Questions on the above to me in email, please.  Thanks.

===================  Dana Uehara  (  ==================