Subject: Re: Humor!
From: (CrystalSkye)
Date: 11/19/1996 2:58 PM

I need some. Here you guys go.

Och, DJ, you're the greatest! (Just this morning, I was thinking "Tuesday?! 
How am I going to survive 'till Friday if it's only Tuesday?!?!")

TOP TEN THINGS TO DO AT A SWAT KAT CONVENTION (if we had one--wouldn't it be

<nods many times>

10. Plot to kill tED tURNER (but don't we do that at home anyway?)

Yessssssssss!!!!! <evil Callisto-like laugh [don't ask] and wild eyes> We 
gotta get together sometime!!!!!

9. Tell Ryan all the things we wanted to say about the "Midnight Magic"
series over e-mail but were too polite.

<cough> You better hope he ain't readin' this, DJ. ;D

8. Lock Simon Leet in the closet until he promises to write more fan fiction
(seems like "T-Bone's Stakes" is everybody's favorite)

Yesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyes!! <singsong> Oh Siiiiiimooooonnnnn . . . better 
get your brain workin' . . . Here Simon, Simon, Simon . . . <giggle>

7. Sign a petition to send to the Pope to have the Tremblays nominated for

<blinks> You mean they're not already? HEY!

Oh, yeah, and add:

Simon Leet (for "T-Bone's Stakes")
DJ Clawson (for taking up the archive again) <snicker>
and our own Razor, Dana (for starting up the list again!

to da list, 'kay? ;D

6. Have dart touraments with tED tURNER dart boards.

Oh yeah! Can I keep score? ;D

5. Beat up Edo (*softly*) for taking his page down and cure him of that "I
don't like SWAT Kats anymore" disease tED seems to have infected him with.

<nods> Don't hurt him *too* badly -- he's been basically a good soul.

4. Riot on Cahuenga Blvd. until Davis Doi comes out and gives us free studio

Ooooo, that would be *fun*....

3. Find out DJ Clawson's *real* name and *real* age.

LOL!!!!! <singsong> I might not know your real age, but I know your real 
*naaaa-aaame* . . . <giggle>

2. Set up seminars for parents of kids who made them go to the convention to
teach the parents that no, it's not just a kiddie show and the adult katfans
aren't just people with reality problems.

Argh, yes, we hafta do that. And put my parents in front-row seats!!


1. Make our own episode, then try and get Cartoon Network to air it.

Or, better yet, we steal the unused scripts from their vaults, send it to 
Mook, and then give away free copies to every loyal kat-fan there is! (And 
don't breathe a *word* of this to anyone who has any sort of job or legal 
connections to tED tURNER or cARTOON nETWORK!!) <giggle>

"I am a good driver; really I am. I can usually drive myself crazy without 
any help, most of the time."