Subject: Top Ten List
From: Zax
Date: 11/18/1996 7:20 PM
To: SwatKats list serve

Top Ten Programs at SwatKatKon

10. Top Ten Golf Grips, and how to use them:
    Panel by Mayor Manx
 9. Uly Ferel signs his autobiobraphy: "We Need Chopper Backup!"
 8. Callie Briggs demostrates the latest in portable communications.
 7. T-Bone challenges people to a contest in "Power Belching".
 6. Video Room A: "Bright and Shining Future", (over and over again)
 5. Dealer number 117 has new line of prop surge coats.
 4. Enforcer recruitment on Mezzanine, (not for faint or heart).
 3. tED TURNER burned in effegy on 2nd floor balcony A.
 2. Panel Discussion w/audience partisipation: "Favorite Atomic Monster"

And the number one program.

1. Panel: "How to make award-winning news coverage while dodeging
world-conquering wierdos."  Hosted my Anne Gora.

Commander Zax               ()oo()
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 "Those fighter jocks make him look stupid at least once a week!"
      -Molly Mange, Metallikat