Subject: listmail replies
From: (Dana Uehara)
Date: 11/17/1996 12:47 PM

A few replies to some listmail...

DJ notes about production mistakes:
   There's always that time in "Ci-ka-ta" where Razor accidentally calls
T-Bone "Chance" outside of the MASA station.  That's simply a
production mistake...  [or] the line could've been originally
intended to be used as a plot device for a later episode.

Kat bloopers?
Can you imagine what outtakes from the different Kats episodes would
look like?  They've played around with this with other toons on the
Cartoon Network, if you've seen its commercial on toon bloopers.

Sky Lynx queries:
Do you think Callie knows who the SWAT Kats are?

No, but it's likely she may *suspect* who they are.  After all, their
voices aren't *that* much different when they're in their mechanics'
uniforms versus their SWAT Kat uniforms.  And even if she found out,
I'd think she'd be more than likely to *keep* it a secret since she
knows that they protect the city better than the Enforcers.

Do you think Callie is interested in Jake?

Uh, let's not get started on this one, please.  Truth is, you can argue 
either "yes" or "no" until you're blue in the face -- and either would
probably be right.  But it's all speculation, based on a single
comment that Callie makes in "The Giant Bacteria."

Of course, you could also argue that Jake and Queen Callista liked
each other in "Bride of the Pastmaster," but I still find that quite
a bit of a stretch to tie in with Callie, even if Callista *is*
Callie's ancestor.