Subject: Re: Callie and the Kats
From: (DJ Clawson)
Date: 11/17/1996 9:24 AM

Do you think Callie knows who the SWAT Kats are?

   NO. This person is obviously clueless.

Do you think Callie is interested in Jake?

   I don't think you could judge that much on one scene. I think she just
made that good-bye because she knew Chance was flirting with her and she
wanted to fool around with his ego.

If Callie is interested in Jake, who's left to be Chance's girl? I always 
saw Felina as a good choice as Chance's SO, becuse I just couldn't see 
the thing between Chance and Turmoil working out.

   FELINA! Is there any question in this? If so, go read Jade Callan's
fanfic on my site.

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