Subject: Re: A strange question:
From: "H@rd Drive" <>
Date: 11/17/1996 2:08 PM

At 12:11 AM 10/18/96 -0700, Sky Lynx wrote:
Zax wrote:
Suppose, that SwatKats was a human oriented Live -Action show, what
actors/actresses would you want to play the characters?

Most of SWAT Kats's charm comes from the fact that it is a cartoon, because
these things cannot be easily reproduced in real life.  That's what makes
anime so popular.  Also, these characters are KATS, and animated fairly well
too.  It's not like you could do the TMNT: The Movie thing and give them

My votes:

Mayor Manx:  John Houseman

I don' know who this person is, but for the part of Mayor Manx, I'd try
general casting in places like Boston Mass., the British Isles, the Canadian
Maritime Provinces or Newfoundland, where a match could most likely be found.

Uly Feral:  George Pepard, (Yea, I know he's dead)

This one would be real hard to cast properly.  General casting might be in

              Current: The guy who played the traitorous Genral in The
              Perfect but dead: John Wayne       

Chance Furlong: Drew Carey

Uh...maybe, though I'd prefer to keep looking.  I doubt it's possible to
find the right voice without dubbing the actor with Charlie Adler's

Jake Clawson: Emilio Estevez  For this part they'd need someone with at least an acceptibly
high, mildly crisp voice, lean build, and who can do the sensitive,
concerned guy act.  Even then, the voice might have to be dubbed with Barry

		Perfect: Sorry I think his brother Charlie Sheen is a
		better choice :)

I don' think so.

DarkKat: Michael Dorn

NOO!! =P  I'd save him for the role of Mutilor's voice.

		Perfect: James Earl Jones of course :)


MadKat: Jim Carrey

I'd rather rip my heart out of my rib cage with my bare hands and throw it
on the floor and stop on it till I die, than to see Jim Carrey get a role
like this.  I think Matt Frewer could play the part better.

Ann Gorra: Kate Muldrew or Gates MacFadden.

Gates MacFadden CANNOT ACT!  And Kate Mulgrew has this sexy semi-elderly
voice that doesn' quite fit the news correspondant's voice of Ann Gorra.

		Perfect: Murphy Brown :)				

That's Candace Bergen. ^_^ Perhaps you're right on this one.

Callie Briggs: Suzanne Sommers, (Her character from "Step By Step")

See Madkat.

		Perfect: Helen Hunt

I don' know about this role, but I know that neither of these would do.

Dr. Viper: Jeremy Irons

No.  I think a black-haired person of Italian or Greek descent would be
needed, but I don' know who.

Mak Mange: Andrew Dice Clay


Molly Mange: not sure


The Pastmaster: haven't thought of this one either.

I don' think it's really possible to cast Pastmaster without replacing him
with extensive computer graphics and using the voice from the cartoons.

Any thoughts on these characters?:
Felina Feral
Dr. Hackel
H@rd Drive
Samuel Konway
Abby Sinian
Mr. Young