Subject: Re: A strange question:
From: (Pablo Romero)
Date: 11/17/1996 5:56 PM

Uly Feral: 

How about the actor that acted as "Simon" Grueber on Die Hard Three? the
voice is a long shot too far but i think he could make the Feral attitude
very effectively.

Ann Gorra:
 Madeline Kahn (as she appeared on the CLUE Movie)

Callie Briggs: 

How About Goldie H*wn? ;) or ? Or Yvette Nipar? (Madigan on the Robocop
Series, dye her hair blonde :) )

Any thoughts on these characters?:
Felina Feral

How about black hair-Dyed Denise Crosby :)? Claudia Christian? (Susan
Ivanova on Babylon 5) 

Dr. Hackel

Christopher Lloyd?