Subject: Re: Miss Cellany
From: (DJ Clawson)
Date: 11/16/1996 6:10 PM

Dana wrote:
On misnamed kats -- both Chance and Jake have referred to each other
by their actual names on at least one other occasion than "Pastmaster..."
but they haven't done so when *others* are around.  Case in point -- 
when the duo are repairing their jet in "The Wrath of Dark Kat":

   There's always that time in "Ci-ka-ta" where Razor accidentally calls
T-Bone "Chance" outside of the MASA station. It's in the scene right after
they save Ann Gora, I believe, and they're trying to figure out where the
alien bug will go next. That's simply a production mistake, once on Barry
Gordon to say it and again on Davis Doi and others not to catch it during
the editing process (or they did but didn't feel like redoing the voice over
for some reason--maybe Barry was out of town).
   Then there's always the possibility that the line could've been
originally intended to be used as a plot device for a later episode--you
know, someone heard it and there would be a show revolving around them and
how they handle that information. Probably not, but it would make a cool
fanfic wouldn't it?

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