Subject: Re: Kat sports
From: (DJ Clawson)
Date: 11/16/1996 9:30 AM

Dana wrote:

I'd like to see both Chance and Jake try their hand at bowling, though.
Course, maybe that's because *I* used to bowl in high school.  <grin>

   There's an interesting scene in an upcoming work by Jade Callan (this
one's far away, so don't get your hopes up quite yet) where Jake, Chance,
and Felina go bowling. Now think hard as to who wins--who has the best
paw-eye coordination?

FANFIC SITE ANNOUNCEMENT : I will try to get some new stuff up this weekend.
This afternoon I'll try and finish editing Ryan's MM series, and when that
goes up so will the prologue of Simon Leet's new piece. "Enforcer Down"
(Jade's) is almost done, and as soon as I recieve it you'll see it. She said
maybe Sunday, if not next weekend.

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