Subject: Re: Kat bowling
From: (Dana Uehara)
Date: 11/16/1996 12:58 PM

DJ writes:
(stuff snipped about Chance, Jake, and Felina going bowling)
    I said Chance, becuase after all, he has the muscle to send that ball
packing, but Jake is a weapon's manager--he has the paw-eye coordination.

In bowling, your aim is *far* more important than the amount of muscle
that you deliver to the ball.  A light ball aimed properly would be
likely to do more to the pins than a heavier ball thrown as hard as
possible, without as much aim.

I also have a feeling that Chance would be more likely to rush in
his approach and delivery than Jake and Felina, who would tend to take
their time more, so the overall result would be that both Jake and
Felina would score higher.  But between those two, it's a tossup for me
as far as who would win.