Subject: A strange question:
From: Zax
Date: 11/16/1996 6:57 PM

Suppose, that SwatKats was a human oriented Live -Action show, what
actors/actresses would you want to play the characters?

My votes:

Mayor Manx:  John Houseman
Uly Ferrel:  George Pepard, (Yea, I know he's dead)
Chance Furlong: Drew Carey
Jake Clawson: Emilo Estavez
DarkKat: Michael Dorn
MadKat: Jim Carey
Ann Gora: Kate Muldrew or Gates MacFadden.
Callie Briggs: Suzanne Sommers, (Her character from "Step By Step")

Any others?
Commander Zax               ()oo()
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