Subject: Re: What's goin' on?
From: Pastmaster
Date: 11/15/1996 8:50 PM

Hmm.. It's either been really slow on the list here, or I've been dropped
>from it.

Oh really?! I didn't notice! (my mind is going!)

What type of sports do you think T-Bone & Razor play in their "off" time.
And 87 hour "Scaredy Kat" marathons don't count! ;)

Right about now, I was wondering about their social structure and how it
corralates and discorralates with our society on a whole. Since I'm studing
Hispanic culture, (and *REALLY* screwed up with one guy on accident <blushes
and laughs it off>) and noticing how their culture is really different than
American cuture, I was wondering if they had any really weird customs or
manorisms. BTW It's novermer, right? If this is so... WHY is every idiot
celebrating Christmas THIS early?!? Jesus wasn't even born yet!! (and NOT
the guy with the web page!!)

I could imagine them playing paddle/raquet/hand ball as it helps you
improve on your agility.

Video games help with hand-eye cuardination as well so there could be some
points to this!!
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