Subject: Kat sports
From: (Dana Uehara)
Date: 11/15/1996 8:12 PM

Matt writes:
Hmm.. It's either been really slow on the list here, or I've been dropped
from it.  I know that alot of fans are in school & mid-terms are going on
around this time of year - so I can understand.

No, nobody's been dropped off the list or digest, unless they've 
unsubbed themselves from either.  Listmail has been really slow the
past couple of days.

Some list members may also be at ConFurence East, a convention of 
anthropomorphic ("furry") fans; so there may not be any response from
them until the con is over on Sunday.

How 'bout this?  (I don't think this has been discussed before)

What type of sports do you think T-Bone & Razor play in their "off" time.
And 80 hour "Scaredy Kat" marathons don't count! ;)

In "Caverns of Horror" Jake and Chance did some karate training.  In
"The Ghost Pilot" Jake's done some running on a treadmill as well as
some weightlifting...  and given how good a swimmer Jake was in 
"Mutation City" I'd say he probably does some swimming as well in his
spare time.

I'd like to see both Chance and Jake try their hand at bowling, though.
Course, maybe that's because *I* used to bowl in high school.  <grin>

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