Subject: New SWAT Kat page!/Fanfic Archive Update
From: (DJ Clawson)
Date: 11/4/1996 6:51 PM

Thought I'd tell you all, so you can update your personal SK link pages (and
please at mine while you're at it). This is a new SWAT Kat page done by my
friend Jon Elisse from USY on Wheels last summer. It also contains his Dr.
Who crossover fanfic, which is on my site.

He likes to go by the name PI Hackle. That's not Private Investigator
Hackle, it's Professor Isaac Hackle (he takes a lot from my stories, where I
gave Hackle a first name). His e-mail is

- I will have an updated version (with a few more chapters) of Jon's "Planet
of the Cheetah People" shortly.
- "The Archiever's Guide" link now works, and the "DayNight" Series Parts
2-5 I am still word wrapping so check back in a few days (I know you're all
dying to read those).
- The massive *prologue* (42 Kb!) of Simon Leet's new fanfic will be up
shortly, if I can convince him so forth.
- The "Midnight Magic" series, which I know you're all so excited to read
again, has been reformatted. The original 17 parts have been combined and
then split again into 3 (roughly 100 Kb) sections. They were edited by Ryan,
but I still found them unappropriate and am in the process of editing out
all the mentions of things we really don't want to read about (anyone who
read the old versions should know what I'm talking about). The plot won't be
changed, but at least the incest will be *outta there*! It'll be up maybe
next weekend.
- "X-File #10-1115" is still being edited--what else is new? I hit a few
- "Enforcer Down," Jade F. Callan's new fanfic, is due out in a around a month.

   I have been *very* busy with other things lately and shall continue to be
that way, but I will try my hardest to update as much as possible. Thanks!

Dr. Jake Clawson
President of the SWAT Kat Club on Prodigy
My SWAT Kat Fan Fiction Archive at:
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