Subject: This Q&A thing
From: "Dr. Samuel Conway" <>
Date: 10/29/1996 4:11 AM

2. Other Non-Anthropomorphic Animals -

     Just Like Earth

I do recall seeing a dog barking at something horrible.  Also, my poor
overtaxed brain recalls seeing a rat or similar small rodent in a warehouse
or sewer scene.  And yes, the cow.  And politicians.

3. Scale -

     The Kats Are Our Size
     (Just So We Don't Have To Worry About Converting Mesurements)

Which is really the only reason we have to assume this.

Actually I had a little bit of a daydream that somehow Callie was
transported to Earth and she was at half-scale.

Uh...I won't touch this one. 
    I've always noticed the portions of the show to indicate kats are a bit
shorter than us. The normal "cartoon" character (like, say, Underdog or
Garfield) is probably about 3 ft our height, while the kats on SKs seem to
be closer to us, at probably around 5 ft - 5 ft 4 inch average male and
smaller for female. 

Now I'm lost.  Just *how* can you make such a comparison to humans, when humans
never show up at all?  There's nothing to even indicate that they (we?) exist.
Kats can be 2.3 inches tall, or 200 feet tall.

(Sharp glance at Simon and Dana). Shush!

(example-the Scooby Doo characters are obviously our size or maybe bigger).

Um, that is because they *are* us.  They are meant to be human.  With the
exception of Shaggy, who was a pitiful drug addict who spent years in and out
of rehab centers and now sleeps on a grating on a streetcorner in Fresno.

4. Natural Satilltes(sp)

Satellites, you're welcome.

I do think they have one moon..

One that we ever see.

7. Tech-Level

Late 20th century to early 21st century Terra-Equivilent

I'd say closer to early 21st century.  We're not quite up to making some of
the things they've come up with. 

8. Law-Level

Moderate:  Controls place on firearms, civil liberties not curtailed,
various criminal forces exist, but are kept in check by vigilantie-type

This would be a frightening society.  I prefer to believe that what we see on
the show is only the...well...more *interesting* stuff.  I like to think that
the Enforcers manage to handle the situation quite well in 97% of the cases.
The other 3%, where things get completely out of hand and the Swat Kats have
to take over, as the situations that TV shows are made of.

It wouldn't be much of a show if they showed you everything.  Giant monster
attacks city.  Enforcers called out.  Feral coordinates the response with the
sometimes-hidden talent that got him the job in the first place.  Swat Kats
arrive on the horizon just as the Enforcers blow the monster to kingdom come.
Swat Kats return home and resume ping-pong game.

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