Subject: Re: Swat Kats : Q & A
From: Zax
Date: 10/28/1996 7:25 PM

On Mon, 28 Oct 1996, Warren Walter William Woulfe IV Esq. wrote:

1. The Name Of The Planet -

	Here's My Idea : Felinus 
	(Adapted From The Word Feline Of Course)

2. Other Non-Anthropomorphic Animals -

	Just Like Earth 
	(It'd Be Kinda Funny To See A Kat Walking A Dog)

In one ep, we did see cows, other pets are obviously possible.
3. Scale -

	The Kats Are Our Size 
	(Just So We Don't Have To Worry About Converting Mesurements)

Actually I had a little bit of a daydream that somehow Callie was
transported to Earth and she was at half-scale.

4. Natural Satilltes(sp)

I do think they have one moon..

5. Government

Multi-National. (With little or no Overgovernment or Alliance.)

6. Economy

Captialistic, (at least MKC is)

7. Tech-Level

Late 20th century to early 21st century Terra-Equivilent

8. Law-Level

Moderate:  Controls place on firearms, civil liberties not curtailed,
various criminal forces exist, but are kept in check by vigilantie-type