Subject: Re: Swat Kats : Q & A
From: (DJ Clawson)
Date: 10/28/1996 8:01 PM

At 09:25 PM 10/28/96 -0500, Zax wrote:
On Mon, 28 Oct 1996, Warren Walter William Woulfe IV Esq. wrote:

1. The Name Of The Planet -

	Here's My Idea : Felinus 
	(Adapted From The Word Feline Of Course)


    I still like "Terra" but I'll leave it open.

2. Other Non-Anthropomorphic Animals -

	Just Like Earth 
	(It'd Be Kinda Funny To See A Kat Walking A Dog)

    In my fan fiction, there are dawgs mentioned, being anthropomorphic dogs
who are much shorter and less populous than kats (for a full explanantion,
see "The Watcher Files of Chance Furlong")

3. Scale -

	The Kats Are Our Size 
	(Just So We Don't Have To Worry About Converting Mesurements)

Actually I had a little bit of a daydream that somehow Callie was
transported to Earth and she was at half-scale.

    I've always noticed the portions of the show to indicate kats are a bit
shorter than us. The normal "cartoon" character (like, say, Underdog or
Garfield) is probably about 3 ft our height, while the kats on SKs seem to
be closer to us, at probably around 5 ft - 5 ft 4 inch average male and
smaller for female. The more humanoid they are in form, the taller I tend to
imagine them to be (example-the Scooby Doo characters are obviously our size
or maybe bigger).

4. Natural Satilltes(sp)

I do think they have one moon..

   Yeah, that was probably on the show.
5. Government

Multi-National. (With little or no Overgovernment or Alliance.)
    In "X-File #10-1115" this *is* discussed, on MKC's relationship with the
rest of the area. MKC, according to my fanfic, is a kind of independent
"city-state" from the nation they exist in, which happens to be *very* close
to the US in location and gov't (example : they have the FBI in DC). MKC,
being they have to deal with day-to-day supervillians, can't afford to call
in the army every morning, so they were allowed to kind of upgrade their
police to "enforcers" with tanks and choppers to fend for themselves. They
are still, however, a city within a democratic nation.

7. Tech-Level

Late 20th century to early 21st century Terra-Equivilent

   Well, the enforcer's guns have been updapted to rays, but you might just
count that in with my mention of "enforcer upgrades" above. I would imagine
they've spent more time developing weapons because they live in a more
day-to-day violent society (at least city-wise) than we do, but all other
tech stuff seems at our level. The only wierd thing is the cars have old
dezigns; maybe that's just personal perference of the car dezigners.

8. Law-Level

Moderate:  Controls place on firearms, civil liberties not curtailed,
various criminal forces exist, but are kept in check by vigilantie-type

   See my mention of gov't above.

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Dr. Jake Clawson