Subject: Re: Kat Drugs
From: Daniel Pawtowski
Date: 10/28/1996 12:37 AM

BTW, It may be just me... but is T-Bone left handed? I've noticed that his
throttle control is on the right hand side, (for an example, see the
  For what it's worth:  I'm a pilot myself.  The standard control layout
for a Cessna also places the throttle control in the right hand.

Specifically:  The pilot sits in the left seat.  The throttle is a small
knob on the "dashboard" near your right knee.  Push it in for more power,
pull it out to reduce power.  If flying in a situation where the throttle
must be constantly adjusted, you fly with your left hand on the wheel
and your right hand on the throttle.  In most flight regimes, you actually
end up holding the wheel with both hands, occasionally reaching over for
a throttle adjustment when needed. 

  Now, I've never particularly looked at the control layout of a military
jet, but that sort of basic info is published all over the place.  
Coffee-table books on warplanes, the manual of some of the fighter combat
computer games, etc.  Anybody on the list got one that covers the cockpit
of an F-14?  That's darned close to the TurboKat.

                                                 Daniel Pawtowski