Subject: Re: Kat Drugs
From: Pastmaster
Date: 10/27/1996 9:52 PM

Perhaps in Katworld, cacao and caffe are controlled substances sold on
the street by drug dealers.  If this is so, what would kats consume
instead in the place of coffee and chocolate (assuming kats even have
sweet taste buds, which cats do not)?

   Interesting subject for fan fiction. I'll keep that in mind, actually.
Anyone want to write a fanfic about it?

I've had a story going like that... til my old hard drive died on me. I
never finished it. It was something I think really resembled a Captian
Planet theme, so no WONDER I never completed it! <Giggle> If I get a time
(finish my 80,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 reports, finish editing and
smoothing out my frist fanfics, finish creating, editing, cutting and
pasting together both sets of Midnight Magic OVA 1, Somehow get Lou to
finish his part of nuku Nuku 96 without him knowing he's doing it and
creating a few more YKYWTMSKW ideas, find a job so I can save up $2300,
trying to live through school not eating lunch to help in the last thing
I've listed, and a few billion minor crises not to mention the next few,
whatever they are. etc...) I might be able to re-write it! (Along with SWAT
Kats Vs Battle one Grey and True Blue [accidentaly written over by "A
Tribute to tED tURNOR"]) <giggle> If I havn't been answering much E-mail,
THIS SHOULD explain why!!

BTW, It may be just me... but is T-Bone left handed? I've noticed that his
throttle control is on the right hand side, (for an example, see the
background at <*shameless
advertizement!*> <giggle!> and when I tried to mimic his handwriting (So I'm
a forger! His handwriting looked a whole lot like mine BEFORE the past
incident, and looks LESS like his handwriting now that I've tried to
simplify my handwriting, and mimic his on top of it!!), I've noticed that he
crosses his letters backwards.
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