Subject: Re: Halloween Kats
From: (CrystalSkye)
Date: 10/26/1996 7:16 PM

Hmm.  Slow list.

<zzzz> Huh? Wuzzat? <blinks and shakes off cobwebs> Oh. Slow, yeah, yeah.

Anyway, since Halloween's coming up I thought it might be kinda fun 
to wonder if -- and/or how -- Halloween might be celebrated in Megakat

I dunno... I have been writing a story (not the one with *us* in it, don't
look at me that way) that is NOT a cross-over with The Crow, but uses a
holiday from the movie Devil's Night. And anyways, if they have
Christmas (don't start that tired old debate up again, I don't think
we're *that* desperate yet), shouldn't they have Halloween?

Somehow I suspect the SWAT Kats would be rather popular costumes --
perhaps the one night Jake and Chance could dress up as their SWAT
Kat counterparts and patrol the city without drawing a whole lot of
attention (tho both would probably get bags full of candy!).

<sigh/yawn> <blinks> Oh, sorry about that. :P It's late, I'm tired, but I
wanna answer this...

Yeah, I've heard of college kids dressing up -- *without* costumes, I might
add -- and still getting full bags of candy. I suppose it would work... I dunno.

And, if they have Halloween, do they have Dias de Los Muertoes? (The Days of
the Dead?)

Anyone else want to add to this?

I just did. :)

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