Subject: Re: Halloween Kats
From: "Julian Ho" <>
Date: 10/26/1996 8:18 PM

Dana Uehara wrote:
Somehow I suspect the SWAT Kats would be rather popular costumes --
perhaps the one night Jake and Chance could dress up as their SWAT
Kat counterparts and patrol the city without drawing a whole lot of
attention (tho both would probably get bags full of candy!).

Hmmm... wonder if the super villains do the same thing too?

Things to ponder:
If anyone dressed up as one of the super-villains, I wonder if that poor
Kat would be arrested due to mistaken identity.

Enforcer #1	: "Hey, it's the Pastmaster! Get him!"
Kat #2 <Panic>	: "No wait! I'm not really...AAARRRGH!"
<Cartoony sound effects of fighting with lots of dust on the screen>

Anyway, Happy Howl-O-Ween!


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