Subject: Top Ten List
From: Zax
Date: 10/24/1996 3:12 PM

Top ten things the SwatKats do in their spare time

10. practice with their "Ulyssys Ferrell Dart Board"
 9. Invent more projectiles for those arm thingies
 8. Go to that new musical: "Humans".
 7. Figure out how to make each other look pretty foolish.
 6. Nurse milk hangovers
 5. Clean atomic monster poo off car.
 4. Fine tune those ballett steps you been practicing
 3. Practice pick up lines for Dep Mayor Briggs
 2. Learn more enforcer jokes.
 And the number one thing

 Keep in touch with their agents on any new episodes

Commander Zax               ()oo()
*******                       ><

 "Those fighter jocks make him look stupid at least once a week!"
      -Molly Mange, Metallikat