Subject: Vic--erhem, *Volunteers*, anyone? <G>
From: (CrystalSkye)
Date: 10/23/1996 4:07 PM

Hiya guys! I'm still fairly stuck in S.K.F-F.W.B. (SWAT Kats Fan-Fiction 
Writer's Block) But, as a lurker/contributor to both this list and HLFIC-L 
(The Highlander fanfic list) I had the *weirdest* idea. Okay, so maybe not, 
but still...

OKay, it started when I read a piece of Highlander fanfic called "They Shoot 
The Fanfic Writers, Don't They?" (BTW--that, and all Angela's other spoof 
are bloody funny--IF you know what she's talking about. ;D)

Anyway, I have an idea for a story--*however*, I need help, and vict-um, 
volunteers for my story. <G>

Does anyone object in any way of me using them in my story? This will follow 
the thread of The War On Atlanta, somewhat modified--like the Anne Rice VC 
fanfic entitled "Torch's Christmas Carol." All of the vampires, various 
fanfic writers, and Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt made appearances. <G> It was 
extremely funny, and I'm wondering if anyone here's objecting for me trying 
to do something like that?

Oh yeah, and I need a newbie to sorta "pick on." <evil grin> Sorta like 
Torch was in aforementioned VC story. :)

Any takers? I'll even use an "oldie" to be so blunt, if no newbies 
volunteer. <heehee>

Terra Chang/CrystalSkye
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