Subject: Re: Regarding cels
From: Ed Rudnicki
Date: 10/22/1996 1:33 PM

Doc Konway:
August Yang wrote:
Of course, I could be reading into this *way* too much.

I fear you are.  The cels exist -- of course someone's going to try
to make a buck off of them.  The key is to look at how much they
cost in comparison to cels from other kartoons.  If we find them in
the "Two for a quarter" box, then we're in trouble.

Back when HB was going to be marketing the cels, the pricing was to
be the same as the (old) JQ cels.

Worst case was TMNT, where they were selling for a couple hundred
each via galleries. Then, after some sort of falling out between the
show's producers and whoever was marketing the cels, the remainder
got sold to TRU, which was selling them for $20 each. Needless to
say those who bought cels at an order of magnitude higher price were
seriously PO'ed.

But there are far fewer SK cels of course.

Ed Rudnicki 
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