Subject: Re: A New Hope...
From: Ed Rudnicki
Date: 10/22/1996 1:35 PM

August Yang:
Actually, not so long ago in a Mall about thirty minutes away from
here I made an interesting discovery.  It was in the WB store in
the Cel department.  They had an H-B catalog of cartoon cel stuff
you could buy.  Well, listed on the inside cover of the portfolio
was (dan-da-da-da!)  SWAT Kats!

I have a snailmail letter from Kevin Knoles about the SK cels, which
I'll post when I can find both it and the time simultaneously. As I
recall, he had found out that there was to be a release of SK cels
next month, but that has apparently been pushed back indefinitely.

More when I have it.

Ed Rudnicki 
Oculis numquam claudentibus     
El Sarroso