Subject: On Kat cels...
From: (Dana Uehara)
Date: 10/22/1996 5:56 PM

A few months back I stopped over at an animation store down in Marina
del Rey (about a half hour or so where I live, near UCLA) -- and
learned that H-B *was* supposed to be selling Kat cels -- but the
store and/or H-B have been holding out since.

Details as best as I can recall, from the info I was given:  the cels
would be from the Hanho Heung-Up animated episodes from the first season,
would contain both the pencil sketch and the final cel, all framed,
going for roughly $200 a cel.  (I'm assuming, btw, that these are original
production cels.)

I don't know if we'll ever actually *see* these Kat cels, but if I 
happen to spot any, I'll notify the list as soon as possible.