Subject: On the Animato! article...
From: (Dana Uehara)
Date: 10/20/1996 2:54 PM

I've received a few requests already on the _Animato!_ article's 
episode  guide, and have sent the guide back in reply.  I don't
include any comments, as it's easier for me to just include the file
and send away.  <grin>

But I skimmed through the article as I was typing up and proofreading
the episode guide (at least I ran a spell-check on it, anyway) and 
came across a few of the author's (Mark Lungo's) comments on a thread
that I brought up on here some time ago:  "Why is _SWAT Kats_ worth
reviving?  Why does it have a devoted cult following among adult
animation fans?"

Here are Lungo's reasons, quoted from his article, along with my own
comments (following the quoted material).

1.  "HEAVY CREATOR INVOLVEMENT.  When the Tremblay brothers sold _SWAT
    Kats_ to H-B, they ... stayed on as major creative partners.  As a
    result, SWAT Kats has a distinctive look." 
    My comment:  I suspect this may have had something to do with a
    certain Doc Konway getting on the show, too!  <grin>

2.  "UNIQUENESS.  Many animated series feature funny animals in humorous
    adventures ... but SK is different.  The Tremblay brothers and H-B
    realized that animal characters and serious action/adventure stories
    are two great tastes that taste great together."
    My comment:  Agreed, fully.  I like toons that tend to be more
    story-driven than sitcom-driven, and this is what the Kats have,
    including one character-development episode ("Razor's Edge") that
    the producers prolly should have done more of!

3.  "AN EXCELLENT VOICE CAST. ... The producers of SK assembled a
    virtual Who's Who of the best voice actors in American animation."
    My comment:  DYN that Barry Gordon (Razor) also voiced Brainy Smurf,
    according to the Internet Movie Database (

4.  "EXQUISITE ANIMATION:  Hanho Heung-Up (whose credits include _Tale
    Spin_) did nine episodes of SK, and they look pretty good.  Mook ...
    did 14 episodes, and they look great. ... [SK's] animation
    frequently approached feature film quality." 
    My comment:  Trash HHU if you want to, but I still think its work
    isn't that bad.  Remember, the Kats could have received much worse
    animation treatment than they did.  (I shudder to think, for
    example, what Kennedy might have done to the Kats!)

5.  "OVERALL QUALITY:  The people who made SK weren't just ... marking
    time while they waited for ... a better show.  They cared ...
    [about] the finished product."  
    My comment:  in the article, Lungo goes on to say that this, above
    anything else, is what has attracted animation fans to the Kats.
    Unlike such TV series as Goof Troop, which seemed rather haphazardly
    put together, the Kats have been rather solid and consistent, both
    with the stories and the animation.  Comments on this, anyone?