Subject: Re: A strange question:
From: Sky Lynx
Date: 10/18/1996 12:11 AM

Zax wrote:
Suppose, that SwatKats was a human oriented Live -Action show, what
actors/actresses would you want to play the characters?

My votes:

Mayor Manx:  John Houseman

		Current: Danny Diveto // Perfect but dead: W.C. Fields

Uly Ferrel:  George Pepard, (Yea, I know he's dead)

               Current: The guy who played the traitorous Genral in The
               Perfect but dead: John Wayne               

Chance Furlong: Drew Carey

		Perfect: Hmm, not real sure on this one .. have to
		think about it a little more.

Jake Clawson: Emilo Estavez

		Perfect: Sorry I think his brother Charlie Sheen is a
		better choice :)

DarkKat: Michael Dorn

		Perfect: James Earl Jones of course :)

MadKat: Jim Carey

		Yeah i agree

Ann Gora: Kate Muldrew or Gates MacFadden.

		Perfect: Murphy Brown :)				

Callie Briggs: Suzanne Sommers, (Her character from "Step By Step")

		Perfect: Helen Hunt

Dr. Viper: Jeremy Irons

Mak Mange: Andrew Dice Clay

Molly Mange: not sure

The Pastmaster: haven't thought of this one either.