Subject: Callie and the Kats
From: Sky Lynx
Date: 10/17/1996 11:54 PM

Here's some interesting speculation. It seems Callie's connection to the 
Swat Kat's goes a little father than the April O'neil TMNT thing. She 
seems to hint that she just might know who T-bone and Razor are. I can't 
really cite examples, but I'm guessing she has known Jake and Chance from 
for a few years, as cited in "The Giant Bacteria" when she goe to them to 
fix her car and implies that she's had prior contatc. There is also 
implication that Chance is quite interested in Callie and that callie is 
interested in Jake - relationship wise. Here's some food for thought:

Do you think Callie knows who the SWAT Kats are?

Do you think Callie is interested in Jake?

If Callie is interested in Jake, who's left to be Chance's girl? I always 
saw Felina as a good choice as Chance's SO, becuse I just couldn't see 
the thing between Chance and Turmoil working out.

What do you think?