Subject: It's Done!!
From: "Raphael" <>
Date: 10/14/1996 3:09 PM

but what you ask?  
     Why, my first fanfic, of course.  I know a lot of you on both lists 
have heard me ramble about it for a while now.  Well, thanx to the 
critiquing of DJ Clawson, "Visit to a Weird Dimension" is finally 
complete!  I'm not going to post it to the groups, cause it's too big 
(23 pages when printed) but if anyone wants it sent via private 
e-mail (or if anyone wants to archive it on one of their sites....) 
just let me know.
     Oh, just so's there's no surprises, it's a crossover story 
between the SWATKats and the Ninja Turtles (no flames, now!!).

Erin/Raphael (who's suffering from a split personality)
Coming soon to a mailbox near you: "Visit to a Weird Dimension"-a fanfic
that was months in the making!