Subject: Re: Top Ten list
Date: 10/12/1996 6:15 AM

On Fri, 11 Oct 1996, Zax wrote:

Top ten things that will NEVER happen in MegaKat City.

Well, here's my TOP TEN THINGS fans mistaken:

10. SWAT Kats IS cancelled!!!
9. Ted Turner's a jerk! (Ask Ryan)
8. HanHo Heung-Up is NOT in Tiawan!!!
7. Mook Co. Ltd. is in Japan (duh!)
6. HanHo Heung-Up did 9 of the 13 1st seasons eps.
5. Mook Co. Ltd. did 4 of the 13 1st season eps.
4. Mook did ALL of the 2nd season eps. (except for SKIQ, which was Mook 
   and HanHo, due to the fact that H-B "cut and pasted" from previous eps.
3. Yes, Jake is Razor, and Chance is T-Bone
2. There are a total of 24 eps. including SKIQ
1. Callie doesn't know who the SWAT Kats really are (Refer to SKIQ)

"They've only been making a fool out of him once a week!"
-Molly Mange, MetaliKat.

It's "Those fighter jocks make him look stupid at least once a week!"
      -Molly Metallikat

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