Subject: Re: Some Kat Fluff
From: "Dr. Samuel Conway" <>
Date: 10/12/1996 8:51 PM
To: Swat Kats Mailing List wrote:
Ever notice how some cats have hair and others don't (I don't mean fur I
mean hair) like Felina and Cally seem to have hair but I don't really
think any of the males do.  Could this be due to (for lack of a better
phrase) male-pattern baldness?

Mayor Manx has hair -- he keeps it in a drawer at night.

and Feral, recall, was shown in the future as being partially bald on top
(or rather, he LOOKED bald to me).

Why do some have hair and others don't?  I think it is because in our
society, females are *expected* to have carefully-constructed hair.  It's
yet another example of cartoons reinforcing gender roles, despite their
efforts to the contrary.  Thus the female kats usually have hairdos, while
the males have no hair.

Then Zax mentioned:
Did you also ever notice in a lot of cartoons, practically old ones,
females are fully clothed but males just wear shirts?

Yes, I noticed, but I'm not even going to *touch* this one!  :)

Dr. Samuel Konway
Senior Freudian Slip
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