Subject: Re: Some Kat Fluff
From: Zax
Date: 10/12/1996 7:11 PM

In a lot of morph cartoons, females have hair probably to distingquish
them, (easily), from males.  Notice the Disney cartoons, Warner and HB
cartoons, (why even Avian characters have hair).
If you are familiar with the "Albedo" comic books, Erma, and practically
every female Felma have hair, (and clones, etc) have hair, but female of
other species don't. 
Did you also ever notice in a lot of cartoons, practically old ones,
females are fully clothed but males just wear shirts?

I hope this answers you question.

And if it dosn't ...who cares?  ;)

Commander Zax

"They've only been making a fool out of him once a week!"
-Molly Mange, MetaliKat.