Subject: Top Ten list
From: Zax
Date: 10/11/1996 6:49 PM
To: SwatKats list serve

Top ten bad things about being a Enforcer

10. Medical insurance premiums go through the roof.
 9. Cost of wrecked vehicles taken out of salary.
 8. Being Mayor's bodyguard during golf tournament.
 7. Caddying for Mayor during above-mentioned tournament.
 8. Having a new super-weapon and knowing that some joker is going to
    steal it.
 6. Watching the Swat-Kats get all the babes.
 5. Commander Ferrel's bad breath.
 4. Can't put the moves on Felina without her uncle trying to rip your
    lungs out.
 3. Trying to clean atomic-monster poo off your car.
 2. Getting wierd looks from your family when they ask you how your day

And the number one bad thing:

Lazer elbow.