Subject: Top Ten list
From: Zax
Date: 10/11/1996 7:26 PM

Top ten things that will NEVER happen in MegaKat City.

10. MegaKat Towers actually gets leased to someone.
 9. Mayor Manx actually trying to run the city.
 8. Commander Ferril brushing up on the latest Ballet steps.
 7. DarkKat going Hawaiian
 6. Atomic monsters decide to rampage through another city instead.
 5. Felina Ferril joining a local Shakespearian troop.
 4. A case of distemper cripples the city.
 3. Callie, Anne, and Felina  decide to go to the local Chippendales..
 2. Dr. Viper get's a bad case of hay fever.

And the number one bad thing:

Felina's father shows up and balls out Commander Ferrel.

Commander Zax

"They've only been making a fool out of him once a week!"
-Molly Mange, MetaliKat.