Subject: Re: Giant Bacteria/Fanfic Announcment
From: Jesus Fernandez
Date: 10/11/1996 6:56 PM

So Glenn got the sketches for the character of Madkat... [and] *loves*
puns... so Davis had to occasionally let him throw them in,
and I guess Madkat was his chance to show off.

Evil Glenn.. :) Well.. yep, this would have never happened if SK was
true anime.. I wonder.. what would an all anime-style SWAT Kats be
like... well.. as they say Everyone is entitled to _my_ opinion <G>

(on a side note : "The Watcher Files of Chance Furlong" is *still* delayed.
I'll try and get it finished up in the next two months or so.

 Thanks DJ, it good to feel wanted.. okay, the site is (almost) back
up.. if you want to see it (It got frames now..) go to, okay? thanks! I have all the old
fanfiction and will put it up soon. Thanks everyone.
BTW, is there a SWAT Kats Remix? If there isn't I'll be glad to try it
with my Sound Blaster Wave Studio thing.

" <playing game> Hey, whoo I just blew up the White House!"-a friend
Michael's friend
"Okayyy...."-Michael <not knowing it was a game>