Subject: Re: Giant Bacteria/Fanfic Announcment
From: (DJ Clawson)
Date: 10/11/1996 1:07 PM

At 06:37 PM 10/10/96 -0600, Hard Drive wrote:
I finally dug up that show today, along with part of Enter the Mad Kat.
Though the script was horrible, and the animation could have been better (it
*screamed* H-B),

Don't tell H-B I told you this, but:

   A note on Enter the Mad Kat--not a heck of a lot of the kat production
team liked how this one turned out, either. 
   The problem with the Tremblays is that they didn't exactly have all 24
scripts figured out the day they proposed SKs to H-B. What they mainly had
was drawings, and some basic concepts, and maybe a few backgrounds with main
characters like Jake and Chance. The rest was all made up by the writing
team. Glenn Leopold would occasionally get some sketches from the Tremblays
and be expected to go on from there and build a plot around a character that
they wanted the Sks to defeat in 22 minutes. So Glenn got the sketches for
the character of Madkat and clearly a little clueless on where to go from
there. Another problem is Glenn *loves* puns, as you'll notice in episodes
that he had a closer hand in, like "Deadly Pyramid" ("I see the rock--we'd
better roll! - Razor) and "Bride of the Pastmaster" (" one era and out
the other." - T-bone). So Davis had to occasionally let him throw them in,
and I guess Madkat was his chance to show off.
    As for Davis Doi and the Tremblays, the main problem was with Hanho. I'd
think anyone would agree that this was one of Hanho's worst episodes (his
best being "Cry Turmoil"). The Tremblays were upset when they saw the final
product because they wanted a more "angular" approach, animation-wise, while
Hanho was making every character look like silly putty. Davis didn't like it
either (and actually had a bit of a falling out with Hanho--please no one
quote me on that; it's kind of secret. He wanted Mook for all of season 2,
but Mook was too expensive and he had to settle on Hanho again). Another
think that shunned of Davis was Madkat's character, who he didn't like
because he was too "G-d like." So no one was really satisfied, and of course
that scraped the idea of bringing Madkat back as a reaccuring character.


(on a side note : "The Watcher Files of Chance Furlong" is *still* delayed.
The new dialogue work is great--I got someone from Britian to do it--but she
seems to check her e-mail about once a month. "X-File #10-1115" is
officially moving again, and I'll try and get it finished up in the next two
months or so. 
   Jade F. Callan, who I may actually get around to meeting next week, who
wrote that T-B/Felina series that started with "The Enforcer Ball" is almost
finished with the next installment, "Enforcer Down." She'll send it to Jesus
when it's finished, and hopefully he'll get his site up soon. E-mail me for
her e-mail addy to get copies as soon as it comes out)
   (sorry--just didn't feel like sending a whole new note for a fanfic
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