Subject: Re: Giant Bacteria
From: "H@rd Drive" <>
Date: 10/11/1996 1:59 PM

At 06:37 PM 10/10/96 -0600, I wrote:
I finally dug up that show today, along with part of Enter the Mad Kat.
Though the script was horrible,

If I hear one more gratuitously maniacal laugh...!

and the animation could have been better (it *screamed* H-B),

Correction: Hanho Heung-Up totally blows chunks.  Has anyone noticed how
Feral's eyes came together to form one large eye with two pupils near the
beginning of the show?  Also, isn't anyone just a tad totally annoyed by how
incredibly short and malformed they drew Jake and Chance's legs?  Also, when
T-Bone and Razor were in the Turbokat, and they noticed that there were only
two bacteria, they both had one eye.  The third bacteria, which ate the
subway are in the tunnel, also had only one eye.  WHAT HAPPENED TO THE
FOURTH EYE!?  I guess I just have too much free time on my hands...

but I now remember why I liked SK so much. ^_^ Now the
reason why I joined this list makes so much more sense!

Noah Sproat "H@rd Drive" <>